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Product key to make Windows XP/7 genuine

Do you want to make your Windows XP Genuine? Or Are you searching Genuine product key for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8? You need to buy a product key to make your Operating System Genuine.

But today I shall tell you how to make your Operating System (Windows XP/7) Genuine at free of cost and activate Windows 8 all versions. You need not to buy the serial keys because I shall give you the serial keys free. And follow the steps to make your Windows XP/7 genuine.

How to check Windows XP/7 genuine or not

Download Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic tool.

Download the above software, Run it and press Continue to perform diagnostic.
At Validation status if it shows Genuine then your operating system is genuine otherwise not.

Make Windows XP SP2 or SP3 Genuine

Download Windows XP SP2 Genuine Product Key.
Download Windows XP SP3 Genuine Product Key.
Download WAG Notification Install.
  • Download "WAG Notification Install" and the product that you needed.
  • Install the software "WAG Notification Install".
  • Now change your Product key to that you download. To know how you change the product key go to my previous post Find and change Windows XP product key without re-install.

That's all. Now your Windows operating system is genuine. Check it by "MGADiag" (Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic tool).

Make Windows 7 genuine / Windows 7 Activator

Download Windows 7 Product key.
Download Windows 7 (Ultimate) Genuine Activator.
Or, Download Windows 7 Genuine Activator.
Password for download last Activator :  w7a001et  (Select this line to see password)

Download the above software. Double click on "Windows 7 Activator" application software. It is working all windows 7.